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Category : Whatcom Locavore Basics

Early Summer Bounty PaintingFor several years now, I’ve been reading and talking with people about the advantages of becoming a locavore*, a person who eats only  food grown, farmed, or produced locally.

I’ve learned a lot. I could go on at length about why eating locally is more sustainable, is often healthier than typical grocery store food that’s been transported an average distance of 1500 miles, and why it’s good for the earth and all living things in many other ways, but instead I’ll refer you to three books that got me interested in the first place. Continue Reading

Sautéed Mushrooms and Nettles


Category : Recipes, Side Dishes, Vegetarian, Wildcrafting

Photo of Sauteed Mushrooms and NettlesFor many people, stinging nettles conjure up images of nasty burning sensations caused by brushing against the nearly invisible spines or flowers of an otherwise lovely green plant. Nettles grow wild in damp, shady woods, and can reach several feet high.

However, when picked fresh before they start blooming, nettle leaves are a healthy spring tonic and a nutritional powerhouse. Cooking breaks down the chemical that causes the stinging sensation on skin, so cooked nettles are perfectly safe to eat. Continue Reading

Spinach and Beef Frittata


Category : Main Dishes, Recipes

Photo of Spinach and Beef FrittataA frittata is basically an omelette, except the filling ingredients are mixed in throughout the eggs instead of layered separately as a filling. Fresh organic local eggs have a color, taste, and texture that will amaze you if you’re used to eating farm factory eggs.

Frittatas are a good way to use up whatever meat or vegetables you have in the refrigerator. You can use the same basic recipe for frittatas with chicken, sausage, beans, tomotoes–you name it. Vary the herbs to match, and add some cheese, if you like. It’s that simple! Continue Reading

Spring Cleanse Menu

Category : February, Seasonal Menu Ideas

Photo of plated Spring Cleanse MenuCurrants, plums and forsythias are beginning to bloom, crocuses sprouted several weeks ago, and the gardeners among us  are wearing dirt under their fingernails and big smiles. Spring is definitely coming, if not already here, and it’s time to think about spring cleaning, both inside and out. Stay with me for a minute and I’ll show how that’s related to this week’s menu. Continue Reading

Stuffed Portabella Mushrooms

Category : Main Dishes, Recipes

Photo of Stuffed Portabella Mushrooms

Hearty and delicious, Stuffed Portabella Mushrooms make a warming winter dish and are also perfect for grilling in the summer. During our cold winters, there aren’t a lot of local choices in the produce department, so Twin Sisters mushrooms are a welcome ingredient. The meaty portabella is chewy enough to use as a hamburger replacement. Continue Reading

First Menu–Mushrooms!

Category : February, Seasonal Menu Ideas

Photo of Stuffed Portabella Mushrooms MenuI began this week by wandering through the Community Food Co-op at Cordata and Westerly in Bellingham, looking for locally grown produce.  The Co-op labels local produce with the farm name on the price sign, so it’s easy to spot. Produce from out of the area is labelled with a state code (WA, OR, CA, etc.), or with the country of origin. Continue Reading