Oxtail Stew

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Oxtail StewOne of the advantages of buying beef by the “side” (half a beef cow) is that you can get cuts that would be difficult to find (or afford) in a retail grocery store. The cow’s tail, or “oxtail”, is one of those parts that are typically missing from the store’s meat case. Continue Reading

Book Review: “A Dirty Life”


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The Dirty Life by Kristin KimballIn the Island Library (part of the Whatcom County Library System), there is a special rack of books with a “Hot Picks” sticker on each of them. A lot of them have had to do with food, gardening and farming. I recently found a book on farming that was too good not to share. Continue Reading

Ground Cherry Bread


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Ground Cherry BreadRecently Lynn and Marvin Fast of Red Barn Lavender gave me some ground cherries from their garden to try cooking. Marvin¬† explained that ground cherries will never be a commercial money-maker because harvesting them is very labor intensive, but they are delicious to eat nevertheless. Why not grow some yourself? As you do more locavore eating (eating only locally grown food), sooner or later you’ll be motivated to do a little home gardening. I’d like to encourage you to give it a try. Fall is a good time to start planning for next year. Continue Reading

Food Puzzle–Ground Cherries


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Ground CherriesUsually I only write about ingredients which are readily available from The Community Food Co-op, Terra Organica, or the Farmers Market. This week is an exception. It all started with a food puzzle. Continue Reading

Apple Cider Stew


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Apple Cider StewThere’s nothing like the taste of the first fresh apples of the season! We have an opportunity to taste a remarkable array of literally hundreds of apple varieties every year at the Cloud Mountain Farm Center’s Fall Fruit Festival.

Apples can be eaten and enjoyed in dozens of ways ranging from raw as a snack to cooked into delicious apples pies or tarts. A quick and easy way to add intense apple flavor to cooked dishes is to use fresh apple cider. Continue Reading

2011 Fall Fruit Festival

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Chopping Apples for Cider at Cloud Mountain Farm CenterAnticipation was in the air as we joined other families arriving at Cloud Mountain Farm Center for the second day of their Fall Fruit Festival. Almost immediately my grandson was recruited to try turning the wheel on the apple chopper for the hand cider press. The fun was underway! Continue Reading

Whatcom Locavore Featured by KPLU Radio Blog

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Whatcom Locavore Author Nancy GingWhatcom Locavore’s author Nancy Ging was interviewed for an article by Seattle KPLU Radio editor Jake Ellison today. The article is titled “Do You Have a Locavore Coming to Dinner?” You can read it here:

Do You Have a ‘Locavore’ Coming to Dinner? Continue Reading

Roasted Tomatillo Salsa


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Roasted Tomatillo Salsa“I have a lot of tomatillos in my garden,” said my friend Thurid Clark. “You should do an article about them.”

Since I’d never tried cooking with tomatillos, I was immediately intrigued. Thurid is an amazing gardener, and I knew her tomatillos would be wonderful. She gave me a bag of them to take home so I could experiment.

Tomatillos, or Mexican tomatoes, are a staple food in Mexico. They are used as the base of a classic green salsa, and are used in many other kinds of meat and vegetable sauces, too.  Continue Reading