Summer Harvest Hash Recipe (One-dish Meal)

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Summer Harvest Hash RecipeBy August, local food sources are overflowing with bounty. Early berries are pretty much gone, but nearly every kind of vegetable is being harvested, and the promise of fall apples and pears are on the horizon.

An abundance of vegetables often means the produce drawer in the refrigerator is full of things just on the verge of spoiling that practically shout, “Use me NOW!” Continue Reading

Can Whatcom County Farms Feed Whatcom County?


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2011 Whatcom Food & Farm FinderA reader wrote in with this question recently: “Do you know if there is any data about whether Whatcom County produces enough food to feed its population?”Short answer is, “Perhaps yes, if we eat mostly berries.” I’m just joking (sort of). The real answer is much more complicated. Continue Reading

Raspberry Cheese Snack Recipe

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Raspberry Cheese Snack RecipeEating to improve your mood isn’t always a bad thing! Healthy local foods can actually give your mood a lift and boost your energy, too. Continue Reading

How Local Food Affects Your Mood

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How Food Affects Your MoodA friend asked me recently, “What’s a locavore food you can eat when you’re feeling blue (or tired)?” Serendipitously, I had just been studying how food affects your mood, so thought I’d share some of what I’ve been learning.To begin with, let’s look at some typical eating behaviors that can lead to feeling depressed or exhausted. See if this cycle sounds familiar. Continue Reading

Organic Food: Better for You or Not?

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Fresh KohlrabiYou’ve probably seen the media headlines saying something like “Organic Food No Better for You Than Non-organic.” The Stanford study cited in those articles was a “meta-analysis”, meaning the researchers surveyed already existing research. Their conclusion? Non-organic food is just as nutritious as organic food.

While there are some studies contradicting that statement, the real problem is that the headlines imply that there’s no benefit to choosing organic food. They suggest that nutrition is the only reason people choose to buy organic over conventionally raised food. That’s ridiculous, even according to the Stanford study itself. Continue Reading

Blackberry Refrigerator Jam Recipe


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Blackberry Refrigerator Jam RecipeBlackberries inspire ambivalence in most of us who live around them. Their aggressive, spiky, spreading growth requires fortitude and determination to prevent their unwanted invasions into parts of the yard intended for human use. Continue Reading

BelleWood Acres Opens New Store–and Distillery!

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BelleWood Acres Apple on TreeFor years BelleWood Acres has had their farm store in the heart of their apple orchards. As the farm developed, the store began to feel cramped, and owners Dorie and John Belisle wanted to move their retail sales away from their wholesale operation, with its busy trucks, forklifts–you get the picture. on the other side of their farm at 6140 Guide Meridian near Lynden. Continue Reading

2012 Whatcom Farm Tour

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Photo of farm barnNext Saturday, September 8, is one of my favorite events every year–the annual Whatcom Farm Tour! It’s a free self-guided tour of farms around the County who open their gates to visitors from 10am to 5pm. A lot of the farms offer special events, rides for the family, tastings, and more during the day. Continue Reading