2013 Locavore Holiday Dinner Menu Plans!

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Cheese ConeWhatcom Locavore Holiday Dinner Menu Plans have been created to help make it easier for you to serve local foods to your family and friends this year. Three five-course menus are available, one with a beef entree, one with salmon, and one vegetarian (lacto-ovo-vegetarian to be precise, since eggs and dairy are used).

The five courses include an appetizer, soup, salad, main dish with side, and dessert. (The vegetarian entree needs no side dish.) Serve them formally one at a time, or family style with some courses combined.

You won’t find “turkey with all the fixin’s” on any of these menus. Instead, the recipes have been selected to help you discover exciting new holiday flavor combinations using familiar, locally grown, seasonal ingredients. Continue Reading

Holiday Help From Whatcom Locavore

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Mint Candy Cane BeetsWeeks leading up to the holidays can be a stressful time, even when we love the people and activities we are planning. Here at Whatcom Locavore, we’d like to offer you some simple ideas to help make your holiday preparations less stressful and more enjoyable. Continue Reading

Hot Cider Toddy Recipe

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Hot Apple Cider ToddyThis recipe is inspired by fresh apple cider from BelleWood Acres. However, it also includes a beverage experiment I tried several years ago.

I was living in a cabin with a huge walnut tree just outside the door. Every year, I’d watch for the walnuts to ripen, but every year I’d awaken one morning to the sound of blue jays. That was the day the walnuts would all be gone. The jays were faster than me when the walnuts were ripe.

One year I read about an Italian liqueur called nocino, which is made from green walnuts steeped in vodka for a couple of months, sometimes with added herbs and spices. At last! I’d found a way to enjoy at least some of the walnuts before the jays ate them.

At first, the nocino I made tasted bitter, but everything I read said the flavor would get better with age (as in years). It did.  Continue Reading

2013 Ciderfest at BelleWood Acres

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BelleWood Acres Apple on TreeI’d been looking forward to the annual BelleWood Acres Ciderfest for weeks, and I finally got there on Sunday afternoon. When I came in the door I was enveloped in the sweet, fruity smell of fresh apples and the lively sounds of the fiddle and guitar combo of the Gallus Brothers.

I got there just in time for a late lunch, so I made my way through the crowd to the Bistro area. Fresh cider, hard cider, cider cocktails–the beverage menu options seemed endless. It was clear that the heart of this event was an apple orchard farm.  Continue Reading