About Us

Author: Nancy Ging

Nancy says:

“I live on an island paradise in Whatcom County near Bellingham, Washington, in a beautiful straw bale home. I am an artist, writer and web programmer and have been working to live more intentionally and joyfully every day for many years. I paint and write about the the things I love, including the island, my cats, my garden, local wildlife, and especially my grown daughter Joan, who is an amazing photographer (among other talents). Grandson Sam is the newest member of the family and lights his Grandma’s heart every day with his big smiles.”

Photographer: Joan Ging

Joan says:

“I am a lover of life, enjoying the never-ending unfoldment of new and beautiful discoveries.  I am true to myself, leaving room for others to be themselves (and I leave more room for some).  I have a beautiful son, Samuel, who invites me into his magical world one awe-inspiring moment at a time.  I surround myself with loving souls and a few soothing four-legged creatures with long tails and excellent balance. I live in the most spectacularly pristine spot, surrounded by friendly wild things and abundant gardens and never-ending ocean.”


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