Acme Farm + Kitchen (Part 2 of 2)

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Acme Farms + KitchenOur first delivery from Acme Farms + Kitchen (AF+K) arrived last week, and included an unexpected surprise! I had anticipated the beautiful, high quality organic food. I know some of the farms where the food was grown and they consistently produce nothing less than excellence. The big surprise was the packaging. AF+K has taken “reduce, reuse, recycle” to new heights.

First of all, here’s what I had ordered for the week: the large Locavore Box (including produce, bread, beef, chicken, cheese, eggs, yogurt, and pasta from various Whatcom and Skagit producers), 2 packages of sockeye salmon fillets (Lummi Island Wild), a package of frozen sliced green peppers (Moondance Farm, Acme), and apple cider from BelleWood Acres (Lynden). The box also included five dinner recipes using the box ingredients (plus a few pantry items). The produce included the biggest, most perfect onion I’ve ever seen, fresh collard greens, mixed salad greens including baby spinach, a large turnip, red carrots, blue fingerling potatoes, and more frozen green peppers. Altogether, it was easily enough food for a week of dinners for our family of three, plus some lunches besides. The entire order cost $87.50. Not bad at all, especially considering the food quality.

Packaging showed an amount of thought and care that matched the food. Most of the produce and some non-refrigerated items were in a sturdy, reusable wooden box with a lid and a nice woodsy smell. The refrigerated items were in two large reusable insulated bags that zippered at the top and had the AFK logo on the side. Classy! The fresh Bellingham Pasta was wrapped in recyclable brown paper. Frozen products, such as the salmon, were packed inside white recyclable paper bags with reusable ice packs over or around them. Chilled items, such as the yogurt, also had a cold pack wrapped around them. Everything had been well maintained at safe temperatures even though it had been delivered to us a couple of hours before we got it home. It would have held considerably longer, I’m sure. Impressive!

Recipes include family foods, such as Sloppy Joes, and most are quick to prepare. New ingredients are introduced gently, like the Collard Green Pesto for pasta night. I’m looking forward to the Chicken Pot Pie recipe, too, something I haven’t cooked for a very long time. It will be made with one of the nicest looking chickens I’ve ever seen (from Pleasant Valley Farm, Ferndale). Don’t you just feel miserable when you see how bruised and battered factory farm frozen chickens look sometimes, even if they’re organic? This pasture raised bird was clearly treated kindly.

Needless to say, we’re already looking forward to our next weekly surprise package from AF+K.

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Hi Nancy – I got this newsletter in my email today but noted it was posted 8-1-2012. Since that date has not arrived yet I’m puzzled. Is this a CSA box from last summer or are you currently getting these CSA boxes?

Hi, Shirley–

I need to fix the post dates. The day and month are reversed. The post date was Jan. 8. I’m currently getting the AF+K boxes. They’re wonderful!

There. I think all the dates on this site are displaying correctly now. Thanks for reminding me it needed to be done, Shirley!