Big News! Big Changes!

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Photo of Bellingham HeraldIt’s official. Tomorrow (April 1, 2014) my last Whatcom Locavore column will be published in the Bellingham Herald. (No, this is not an April Fool’s Day joke.) It’s just two weeks short of being exactly four years since I started writing weekly articles for them.

Every week I wrote an article, created and tested an original recipe, and my daughter Joan took a beautiful photo to show Herald readers what local food was all about. It’s been an interesting ride, and the Herald has been a wonderful venue for spreading the word about eating local in Whatcom County. Continue Reading

Book Review: Northwest Vegetarian Cookbook

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Northwest Vegetarian CookbookAs the end of canning season approaches, and my pantry is full of local ingredients I will use throughout the winter, my thoughts begin to turn toward new and interesting recipes to try. I pull out cookbooks, buy a few new ones, and explore the possibilities.

One of my favorite cookbooks to browse is The Northwest Vegetarian Cookbook: 200 Recipes That Celebrate the Flavors of Oregon and Washington by Debra Daniels-Zeller. I was first attracted to the book by the enticing cover photo of one of my top food choices–fresh asparagus. Later I had the good fortune to meet the author at a Community Food Co-op event about a year ago. I enjoyed talking with her, and later visited her blog titled “Food Connections: connecting with local foods in the Northwest and beyond.” I’ve been following her work ever since. Continue Reading

Winter Harvest Cookbook Review

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Winter Harvest Cookbook by Lane MorganEating as a locavore (a person who eats only locally grown food, as much as possible) means looking ahead to prepare for the lean winter months when few fresh ingredients are available in our cool winter climate. Part of preparing for winter involves preserving and storing fall harvested foods by canning, fermenting, freezing, salting, smoking, drying, and root cellaring.However, a Pacific Northwest winter isn’t a total fresh food wasteland. Besides crops that can be stored fresh, such as potatoes, apples, and winter squash, there are also a few foods that reach their flavor apex during winter, especially root vegetables such as beets, parsnips, carrots, etc. Continue Reading

Slow Cookers Make Home Cooking Easy

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Best of Bridge Slow Cooker CookbookEating as a locavore (a person who eats only locally grown food as much as possible) means you’ll be preparing meals at home most of the time. It also means those meals will be prepared mostly from scratch (i.e., no processed foods). Most people, I think, agree that eating at home would be better for their health, but some balk at the amount of time they think they’ll have to spend in the kitchen.Now, I could make a pretty good science-based argument that a lifestyle so hectic you don’t have time to ensure you eat well has other inherent health risks (stress effects on hormones, for example). However, it’s even easier to demonstrate that spending a lot of time in the kitchen in order to prepare healthy meals is totally unnecessary. Continue Reading

Whatcom County Bees


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Photo by William Warby

For the past decade, US media has carried reports of declining honeybee populations and the impending doom it could mean for food production. I’d seen depressing stories about colony collapse disorder (CCD) where whole hives of bees inexplicably disappear, so it was with some trepidation that I picked up Beekeeper’s Lament by Hannah Nordhaus from the library. However, I wanted to know exactly was happening with our fuzzy little friends. Continue Reading

Book Review: “The Resilient Gardener”


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Resilient Gardener by Carol DeppeGardening books interest me, but don’t usually excite me, though I’ve probably enjoyed nearly as many hours reading about gardening as doing it. Recently, though, I came across a book which casts gardening in a whole new perspective. The Resilient Gardener: Food Production and Self-Reliance in Uncertain Times by Carol Deppe (Chelsea Green Publishing, 2010) is nothing short of paradigm changing. Continue Reading

Book Review: “A Dirty Life”


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The Dirty Life by Kristin KimballIn the Island Library (part of the Whatcom County Library System), there is a special rack of books with a “Hot Picks” sticker on each of them. A lot of them have had to do with food, gardening and farming. I recently found a book on farming that was too good not to share. Continue Reading

Whatcom Locavore Featured by KPLU Radio Blog

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Whatcom Locavore Author Nancy GingWhatcom Locavore’s author Nancy Ging was interviewed for an article by Seattle KPLU Radio editor Jake Ellison today. The article is titled “Do You Have a Locavore Coming to Dinner?” You can read it here:

Do You Have a ‘Locavore’ Coming to Dinner? Continue Reading

Food Writers Attend Co-op Barbecue


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2011 Community Food Co-op Barbecue(Photo by Laura Steiger)–Four local food writers were featured at a community barbecue sponsored by the Community Food Co-op (Cordata and Westerly, Bellingham) last Saturday to talk about their cookbooks, blogs–and newspaper columns! Samples of their recipes were available for tasting, too. Continue Reading

“There Is Always Room for One More”


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I was recently asked to review a new book by Rebecca Nab Young called There Is Always Room For One More: Volga German Stories and Recipes. At first I didn’t see the connection with eating local Whatcom County ingredients, the theme of  this blog, but then I saw the book’s cover photo. I instantly flashed back to the mid-1950s and my early years in Indiana. The multigenerational family, the hairstyles, the big crowded table–everything reminded me of my grandparents’ midwestern farm and the incredible meals my grandmother and other women in the family used to assemble for extended family get-togethers. Then I got the connection–besides being about local food, my blog is about community and a sense of place. It’s also about taking the time to share good food with friends and family, food prepared with love and care, and food that evokes memories. The book is also about food, family, place, and memories. Continue Reading