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Eating Locally | Farming | Agribusiness & Factory Farms | Gardening
Cookbooks & Cooking | Raw Foods | Food Storage & Preservation

Eating Locally

Barbara Kingsolver’s insightful story of her family’s year of eating local foods. Barbara is a brilliant, honest, and hilarious writer.

A Vancouver, B.C. couple goes on the 100-mile diet, eating only food produced within 100 miles of where they live. They have some nice comments about Whatcom County, too, since part of the County fell within the 100 miles radius.

Some general principles, tips and recipes for eating local foods.

Want to participate as a seller? Or start a farmers market in your neighborhood?


An open, honest account of transitioning from an urban lifestyle to starting an organic, horse-powered farm. Helps dispel romantic notions of farming life, and fosters an appreciation of the incredible work done by the people who raise our food.

Learn about the amazing status of threats to bee health, commercial beekeeping operations in the US and how they relate to agriculture and our food supply, and how beekeepers are dealing with all of it.

Agribusiness & Factory Farms

Thoughtful and balanced exploration of the current status of food production systems in the United States. If the topic sounds dry, trust me–this is an interesting and highly readable book.

Gardening: Grow Your Own

This is the best vegetable gardening book for our area. Will save you a lot of time, money, and energy.

How to garden in a way that will protect your harvest from uncertainties such as heat or cold, heavy rain or drought, and other unexpected and uncontrollable factors. Also includes some wonderful information on nutrition and gardening to provide all your food needs.

Cookbooks & Cooking

Besides mouth-watering recipes, this wonderful book has lots of tips on subjects as varied as conservation easements, how to wash produce, and how to use an ice cream maker. Ingredients and farms listed are all in Washington and Oregon.

Winter can be a challenging time for locavores with fewer fresh ingredients from which to choose. This book offers some creative suggestions.

Raw Foods

Food Storage & Preservation


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