Garden Cleanup

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Category : November, Seasonal Menu Ideas

Garden Cleanup MenuMy home garden has been taking care of itself for the past few weeks (insert ironic chuckle here) while I’ve been busy canning, pickling and freezing produce from other sources. Last weekend I finally ventured forth to see what had happened in my absence.

Let’s see, how can I emphasize this enough… CABBAGE had happened, and in a big way. There were three smallish heads, one large head, and one monster that weighed in at 10 pounds after cleaning and trimming.

Mind you, I’d already dealt with a lot of cabbage this year from my daughter’s employer, other friends, and earlier harvests from my garden. One thing was crystal clear–this is the year I will finally learn to make sauerkraut.

In the meantime, though, my creativity was definitely being challenged. What could I do with all that cabbage?  A baked dish, cabbage at the heart of it, other vegetables for color and depth of taste, all brought together with a basic white sauce–yes, that should work perfectly! The results were this Cabbage Vegetable Bake at the heart of this week’s menu.

Since I began eating local foods as much as possible, it never ceases to amaze and delight me how a few simple local ingredients, fresh and picked fully ripe, with little added flavoring, can produce incredible flavors that simply defy description. How many ways can I say “wonderful” and “delicious”?

Make it easier for me. Just taste it!

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