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Backyard Beans and Grains ProjectJust received this message from Krista Rome of the Backyard Beans and Grains Project (BBGP). She’s offering some great opportunities for gardeners, farmers, and others to learn to harvest and thresh local grains and beans:

IT’S HARVEST SEASON! Our busiest time, the harvest will begin with the traditional grains this week (wheat, barley, oats), and continue with soup peas, garbanzos, flax, camelina, potatoes, dry beans, buckwheat, and corn over the next 6 weeks or so. Hand in hand with harvest will be lots of threshing, which will take place at my home near Lynden. Harvest times will be set and revolve around my availability to get to the Everson field, but if you are itching to help and can’t make the set time, do let me know and we’ll arrange something! And if you want to learn how to thresh and clean grains and beans by hand, just let me know and we’ll set up a day to meet at my place. That will be more flexible, and ongoing, as I am home most days and can host volunteers when it is convenient to them.

WEDNESDAYS THROUGHOUT AUGUST, 2pm-6pm, are HARVEST DAYS IN EVERSON! Please RSVP in advance the time you will be arriving so I am sure to be there as planned (lunch and swimming breaks may pull me away from the field at random moments).

HANDS ON GRAIN, SEED & BEAN THRESHING & CLEANING at my home near Lynden – ongoing from about mid-August through early October. Let me know if you are very interested and we’ll try to pull together a group at a time that is convenient for you.

Please help pass the word to friends and family you think might be interested in learning more about growing and harvesting beans and grains. Contact Krista by use the contact form on her website or call her at (360) 224-4757.
For an interesting story about Krista and how the BBGP got started, read this article.
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