Light and Hearty Menu

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Photo of Light and Hearty MenuHow can a menu be both light and hearty? When it includes a fluffy cheese soufflé!

I had hoped to have some fresh asparagus this week, but the weather was cold and the asparagus decided to wait a little longer. Instead, I decided to try to adapt a classic cheese soufflé recipe to see if I could make a locavore version.

Soufflés get a bad rap sometimes for being a difficult dish to prepare. In my experience it’s exactly the opposite. Soufflés can make a quick, easy and fun meal. There’s always a bit of drama when you take it out of the oven to see if it “poofed” over the top of the dish as it’s supposed to, but the reality is it tastes good no matter what.

This is a good menu for casual entertaining with two or three friends. Try it and I think you’ll agree that the results are surprisingly delicious!

The menu for this week was:

The Bellingham Farmers Market officially opened this weekend! I wasn’t able to go, were you? If you were there and would like to share a brief story about the experience please email it to me. Thanks!

Have you planned your garden yet? If you don’t have a garden area, how about a couple of container gardens? Salad mixes are easy to grow in pots, or perhaps some tomatoes or culinary herbs? You’ll love the flavor!

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