Sauteed Sockeye Salmon Fillets

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Sauteed Sockeye Salmon FilletsSockeye salmon has a sturdy flavor and so needs very little in the way of preparation. In fact, some would say it is best eaten raw (first ensuring it is sushi quality, of course). I prefer to simply saute sockeye fillets in butter–no herbs and no sauce. At most, I might sprinkle on a little lemon juice after the fish is fully cooked. Continue Reading

Sunchoke Potato Gratin

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Sunchoke Potato GratinWinter meals in the northwest corner of the Pacific Northwest are all about warmth, stick-to-your-ribs heartiness, and flavors with substance. For locavores, winter is also about root vegetables, the kinds of things that are harvested in late fall and can be stored over the winter. Continue Reading

Squash Patties

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Squash PattiesA friend of mine enjoys the taste of squash, but she has a hard time getting past the mushy texture. Since she grows so much squash in her garden, and often shares with me, I’ve been doing some experimenting to see if I could solve her problem and come up with some variation of cooked squash that was crispy.

This recipe was not a success from the texture point of view. However, the flavor was wonderful! Continue Reading

Locavore Eating–Why Bother?


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Locavore Eating--Why Bother?Let’s be honest. There are some downsides to trying to eat as a “locavore” (a person who eats locally grown foods as much as possible), even here in Whatcom County.

First of all, it’s not usually “one stop shopping.” There’s some extra time involved going to farm stores, Terra Organica, one of the the Community Food Co-op locations, or the Farmer’s Market–sometimes all of the above. Continue Reading

Winter Vegetables

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Winter Vegetables and Locavore MeatloafOur mild coastal climate here in Whatcom County is a boon to locavores* during the winter months. With a little insulation from the earth itself or a thick layer of mulch around the plant to protect its roots, a lot of vegetables can keep producing food on into spring. In fact, some will taste even better after touched by a light freeze.

Some of the best brussels sprouts I ever ate, for example, were harvested from my garden in February. They weren’t lovely to look at on the stalk, but after peeling a couple layers of the outer leaves from them, they looked just like any others. The flavor was sweet and memorable, with less bitter flavor than brussels sprouts harvested in the fall. Continue Reading

Meatloaf Comfort Food

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Locavore MeatloafWhen I think of classic comfort food, I think of meatloaf. When I was a child, meatloaf was my favorite main dish. Top with a little Worcestershire sauce and ketchup, serve mashed potatoes and green beans on the side, and I was a happy kid.

Others must feel the same way. “Meatloaf” is one of the top five recipes people search for on the Food Network web site, and it’s categorized there as a “Comfort Food.” Continue Reading