Rainy Day Soup Menu

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Rainy Day Soup MenuFixing a meal that takes awhile to cook just doesn’t sound inviting on hot summer days. A nice aspect of our Northwest climate is the occasional cool rainy days which give us a break from warmer weather.

A rainy day is a good time to take a look in the produce drawer of your refrigerator (and in your garden, if you have one). What needs to be used before it spoils or gets too ripe?

Vegetable soup is a perfect rainy day solution for rescuing produce from oblivion. It’s easy to make and delicious to eat. It has to cook for awhile, but you don’t have to be watching it. It freezes well, too, so you can make as much as you like in one big batch. Eat the leftovers later when the weather warms up again, or enjoy them in the middle of winter when many of the local vegetables will be out of season.

Below is a recipe I made recently from my own produce drawer. It can be varied in almost every way you can imagine. If you want vegetarian soup, for instance, leave out the beef.

Be bold and experiment. I think you’ll find that vegetable soup is easy to prepare and consistently gives you a satisfying taste when it’s done. It can be a one-dish meal or serve with fresh salad or bread.

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Great recipes Nancy. Thanks for including our Lummi Island Saturday Market in your article.