French Apple Clafouti

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French Apple ClafoutiA “clafouti” is an odd sort of thing to describe. It’s kind of a fruit custard, only not really.  It sort of has the texture of pastry, but not quite.

Truthfully, you’ll just have to try it for yourself. What I know for sure is that this one is delicious!

I still had some of the blend of cooking apples left that I’d purchased at Cloud Mountain Farm’s Fall Fruit Festival, and I hadn’t tried baking a clafouti before, so it seemed like a perfect time to try. Despite it’s fancy French name, it’s quick and easy to prepare. Continue Reading

Baking Powder Biscuits

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vMy mother and my grandmother come to mind when I think of baking powder biscuits. Both knew how to make them light and flaky, a perfect complement to almost any meat and vegetable meal. Continue Reading

Cherry Corn Pancakes

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Cherry Corn PancakesWe associate cherry blossoms with early spring, but what says early summer better than the cherries themselves? Cherries and berries are the earliest fruits of the year in this area, and their fresh sweet flavor is such a treat after a long locavore winter of root vegetables and food from the freezer. Continue Reading

Kale Casserole

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Kale CasseroleKale is easy to grow in our climate, and can grow year round except in the most extreme cold winters. The taste of the leaves becomes sweeter as the winter progresses, making it a wonderful cold weather vegetable when little else is being harvested locally. There’s even a variety of kale called “Hungry Gap,” a British term for the time between summer growing seasons. Continue Reading

Garlic Scapes Omelet


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Garlic Scapes OmeletGarlic scapes are the curly, peculiar-looking thickened parts in the middle of the garlic stem where the flower and seed head eventually forms. Farmers raising garlic usually trim off the scapes before they fully form. Instead of putting energy into flowering, it encourages the plants to use the energy to form larger bulbs at the base of the stem. Continue Reading

Savory Stuffed French Toast

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Photo of Savory Stuffed French ToastThe savory flavor of herbed yogurt cheese (a good alternative to non-local cream cheese) makes a nice change from the usual sweet and sugary form of French toast.  The eggs in the toast blend well with tangy cheese and herb flavors. The result is a hearty dish suitable for any meal of the day.

While I started with a homemade Quick Brioche for the bread, you could use any locally made bread you like. You could also adapt any of your favorite bread recipes to use local ingredients. Continue Reading

Blue Cornbread

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Photo of Blue CornbreadLast week’s menu introduced Fairhaven Organic Flour Mill (Bellingham) and the fresh grain flours they grind weekly. This week I wanted to try some of their blue cornmeal. Blue corn has more protein and lysine than yellow corn, which is high in beta carotene. The blue color is a nice change, too. Other than that, you can cook with blue cornmeal just the same as you would with yellow or white.

Really fresh cornmeal has an extra bit of crunch to it that gives cornbread a nice texture.  Some local butter and honey on the fresh warm cornbread is simply out of this world! These are flavors to savor slowly. Continue Reading

Seared Asparagus

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Photo of Seared AsparagusOne difference between regular American eating and locavore eating is the seasonality of ingredients. Some ingredients are only available fresh during a couple of months of the year.

For example, I love asparagus! It’s the best part about spring cuisine, in my opinion, usually available in late April and May. I like it in green salads, pasta salads, steamed with various sauces, in souffles, and many other ways. However, my ultimate favorite way of fixing asparagus is also probably the easiest.

When fresh asparagus is pan seared correctly, it will be delightfully crunchy on the outside and creamy soft on the inside. Searing also brings out a nutty flavor in the asparagus spears that makes my mouth water even as I write this. Continue Reading

Locavore Cheese Soufflé


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Photo of Locavore Cheese SouffleA cheese soufflé is a classic dish, and I wanted to see if it could be adapted easily to locally available ingredients. This recipe is a variation based on Alton Brown’s Cheese Soufflé.

There were two main challenges. The bechamel sauce that flavors the eggs and cheese usually has a little flour in it as a thickener, and cream of tartar is usually mixed into the egg whites to strengthen them and keep them fluffy. Continue Reading

Raspberry Soup

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Photo of Raspberry SoupIt’s hard to find locally grown fruit in the grocery stores in winter. I love my freezer at this time of the year. I was rummaging in the fruit section of my freezer and found a bag of beautiful frozen raspberries from last summer’s harvest in my friend Nancy’s garden. I froze them spread in a single layer on a cookie sheet and then put them in a plastic freezer bag. That way the berries don’t stick together. After months in the freezer, the color was still so beautiful and the flavor was so sweet that I didn’t add any sweetener to this recipe. You could add a tablespoon or two of local honey if your berries are more tart. Continue Reading

Potato Egg Nests

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Photo of Potato Egg NestsI’d encourage you to experiment with this recipe, which combines two traditional elements of an American breakfast–eggs and hashbrowns. In this version, the potato “nests” are made with raw grated potatoes which are first parboiled, pressed into muffin tins, and then baked. One variation would be to pile the parboiled potatoes on a cookie sheet and use a spoon to make depressions for the eggs before baking the nests. Another possible variation would be to use mashed potatoes instead of grated.

There are multiple variations for the eggs as well. The version below cooks raw eggs in the “nests”. You could just as easily scramble the eggs first with various additional ingredients, such as mushrooms, jalapenos, etc. Another option would be to poach the eggs before topping with grated cheese and doing the final bake. Continue Reading