Hazelnut Shortbread

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Hazelnut ShortbreadMy grandmother was a classic “handful of this, pinch of that” Indiana farm wife cook. When I was young, we moved across the country so I didn’t often have the opportunity to learn how she prepared the amazing meals she served to family and farm hands every day, with ingredients from her garden and the farm. Continue Reading

Hazelnut Cookies

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Hazelnut CookiesHazelnuts, also called filberts, are a good way to save carbon fuel by eating locally. The majority of the world’s hazelnuts are produced in Turkey. We’re fortunate to live in one of the two states in the U.S. where hazelnuts can be grown commercially (Washington and Oregon).

At the Bellingham Farmers Market recently I was delighted to discover Holmquist Hazelnut Orchards (Lynden), local hazelnut producers. Holmquist grows DuChilly hazelnuts at their family run farm, a variety they say is sweeter and has thinner skins without the usual bitter flavor. I completely agree–their hazelnuts are wonderfully sweet and delicious. Continue Reading

Raspberry Yogurt Cheese Dessert

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Photo of Raspberry Yogurt Cheese DessertSometimes I happen to create a recipe that is a serendipitous combination of simplicity and deliciousness. This recipe is a perfect example. It’s so good!

It starts with some homemade yogurt cheese. Add the flavor of fresh mint and some local honey for sweetness. Finally, I had some frozen raspberries from last summer in the freezer, and I put those on the top.

The result was unbelievable. Be quick when you serve it to friends or family or you may not get any for yourself! Continue Reading