Pasta With Mushroom Sauce

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Pasta With Mushroom SauceThanks to the Northwest Mushroomers Association (NMA) Show in Bellingham (see photos I took), I was able to connect with Cascadia Mushrooms and purchase a beautiful assortment of locally grown mushrooms. Many of them also grow wild in our area, and I’d encourage you to contact NMA if you are interested in learning how to identify the edible varieties. Continue Reading

Broccoli-Potato Pudding

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Broccoli-Potato PuddingFall is a perfect time for one-pot meals.  Hardier fresh summer vegetables are still available, such as broccoli, kale, etc., and fall root vegetables and squash are ready for harvest.

While this recipe may seem unassuming and ordinary, don’t be fooled. It is actually a surprisingly rich and flavorful meal, especially when made with fresh, perfectly ripe local vegetables. Even better, it meets all my criteria for one-pot perfection–hearty, scales up easily so leftovers can be frozen, leftovers taste as good or better than the original batch, dish contains ingredients from several major food groups, simple to fix, and tastes good. Continue Reading

Roasted Beet Hash

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Roasted Beet HashOne of my favorite things to do when I’m cooking is to take a traditional food combination and change it up a little. In this dish, I used beets instead of beef to make a sturdy fall vegetable hash. Continue Reading

Shellout Beans


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Shellout BeansI always enjoy learning to use familiar foods in a new and different way. For years I’ve eaten green beans, but it had never occurred to me to remove the pods and have only the beans inside.

In the fall after most green beans have been harvested, there’s always some left on the vine whose pods have become large and tough. They’re really too tough to eat as usual by steaming them. Continue Reading

Crab Meat Sauté

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Crab Meat SauteOne of the special pleasures of living on the Northwest coast is the access to fresh seafood. When they’re in season, it’s easy to find crab, salmon, and other ocean delicacies caught in our local waters. Continue Reading

Sauteed Red Cabbage


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Sauteed Red CabbageMy daughter’s employer is a farmer at heart, and was able to make time to grow a vegetable garden this year. He recently had more red cabbage than he could use, so passed some along to us. Continue Reading

Stuffed Zucchini

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Stuffed ZucchiniZucchini is infamous for how quickly and easily it grows around here. If you don’t pick it while it is small, zucchini just keep growing, getting larger and larger until it gets ridiculous. One plant can easily produce a dozen or more zucchinis. I find it to be a good source of garden humor.

If we are honest, virtually every gardener who has ever grown zucchini feels a little angst when thinking about the harvest season. No gardener wants to waste the smallest bit of the food they grow, but what do you do with the vast surplus of zucchini that seems to appear overnight if you aren’t rigorously diligent at picking it? Giving it to friends works for awhile, until we begin to see the look of panic in our friends’ eyes when we offer zucchini yet again and they frantically try to think of a polite way to say, “No more!” Some gardeners I know resort to dropping off zucchini by the door at night, or when they know their friends aren’t home. Others simply put it out in front of their own house with a “free” sign. Continue Reading

Locavore Pizza

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Locavore PizzaOf all the recipes I’ve created so far with local ingredients, this pizza is my all-time favorite. It’s so fast to prepare you won’t believe it, especially if you prepare the pesto a day or two in advance. You don’t even have to let the crust dough rise. Most importantly, the flavor was extraordinary! I’m not exaggerating. Continue Reading

Locavore Chili


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Locavore ChiliHere’s the recipe for the chili I entered in the 2010 Lummi Island Chili Cookoff sponsored annually by Lummi Island Heritage Trust. I used ingredients almost entirely grown on Lummi Island.  Continue Reading

Early Summer Stir-fry

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Early Summer Stir-fryCooking a perfect stir-fry dish requires careful planning as the ingredients are being chopped and prepared. Especially important is to group the ingredients by cooking time. Continue Reading

Cherry Corn Pancakes

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Cherry Corn PancakesWe associate cherry blossoms with early spring, but what says early summer better than the cherries themselves? Cherries and berries are the earliest fruits of the year in this area, and their fresh sweet flavor is such a treat after a long locavore winter of root vegetables and food from the freezer. Continue Reading

Kale Casserole

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Kale CasseroleKale is easy to grow in our climate, and can grow year round except in the most extreme cold winters. The taste of the leaves becomes sweeter as the winter progresses, making it a wonderful cold weather vegetable when little else is being harvested locally. There’s even a variety of kale called “Hungry Gap,” a British term for the time between summer growing seasons. Continue Reading

Grilled Cheese With Basil Sandwich

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Grilled Cheese With Basil SandwichI enjoy starting with a classic, ordinary recipe and making it local and special. This week I was in the mood to bake bread, so I decided to attempt an improved, locavore grilled cheese sandwich.

I knew just the cheese to make it special–Appel Farms’ Sweet Red Pepper Gouda. Homemade bread, artisan cheese, spread fresh basil leaves over it, and voila! I could almost taste it just thinking about it! Continue Reading