Second Kindle E-book: Vegetarian Holiday Menu Plan

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2012 Holiday Dinner Menu Plan - VegetarianAmazon.com now is offering the vegetarian version of my 2012 Holiday Dinner Menu Plan as a Kindle book. This is for lacto-ovo-vegetarians, as the recipes do use eggs and dairy products.

Holiday highlights often involve sharing meals with gatherings of loved ones in our lives that we may not see as often as we’d like. We want dinners we prepare to be delightful taste experiences, but we don’t want to spend all our time in the kitchen in the process. We want to be free to spend time visiting and relaxing with our friends and family.

This menu plan goes a long way to reducing holiday stress. The recipes are simple to prepare yet really deliver on flavor, especially if you use locally grown ingredients. The book includes:

  • vegetarian holiday dinner menu
  • clearly written recipes (with photos)
  • complete shopping list
  • recommended preparation schedule

I hope you’ll check it out! The recipes are good throughout the fall and winter seasons and use ingredients typically available at this time of the year. They are also available through this website in PDF printable format. The PDF versions include a lot of  extra information about Whatcom County ingredient sources.

Happy holidays from our kitchen to yours!

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