Stir Fry Season

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Stir Fry SeasonBaby bok choy, snow pea pods, zucchini, broccoli–it was time. Everything was ready for making my first summer stir-fry of the year!

I love this time of the growing season when a wide variety of local vegetables are available. It’s easy to assemble a stir-fry with enough hearty flavors to be called a one-dish meal.

Almost any vegetable, meat or seafood can be combined in a stir-fry, though some require more finesse than others. If you haven’t done a stir-fry before, I’d suggest avoiding any strongly flavored unfamiliar ingredients at first.

Successful stir-fry requires some careful planning before you begin cooking. Different ingredients require different cooking times, but they all need to be perfectly done at the same time when the dish is ready to serve.

Three techniques help me create perfect stir-fry. First, I chop all my ingredients before I start cooking. Vegetables cook in just a few minutes, so I don’t have time to chop as I cook. The second trick is to chop all ingredients approximately the same size. That way they will cook evenly. Third, I sort ingredients into separate bowls as I prep them, grouping ingredients that take about the same amount of time to cook. For example, for this particular stir-fry, I sorted ingredients into five groups, as you’ll see on the recipe.

I use a cast iron wok for cooking stir-fry, but a heavy Dutch oven or skillet can also work. It’s worth investing in a wok if you prepare stir-fry often, though. The shape supports fast cooking and reduces spills.

With these few pointers in mind, you’ll be ready to fix some amazing stir-fry meals with our luscious local ingredients.

This week’s menu:

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