Sunday Brunch, Locavore-Style

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Sunday Brunch, Locavore Style(Guest article by Joan Ging)–What is it about a summertime Sunday brunch that feels so spectacularly indulgent? Is it the relaxed morning, waking slowly in a sun-warmed bed, knowing there is nothing pressing you to start your day quickly? Is it the collection of loved ones, squeezing into a seat at your table of bounty, expressing delight over the smells and good company? Or is it the food itself, rich and flavorful, savory and sweet, featuring the ripeness of the season? Of course, we know it is all these things.

As many are now aware, there is a movement spreading throughout the world to bring back the caring and healthy treatment of food, to counterbalance the fast food chains and processed foods that clog the well-being of our communities. This movement is known as the Slow Food movement, and it is progressing arm in arm with the Locavore movement as it strives to bring back the idea of savoring our food, and sharing fresh, healthy ingredients with the people we care about–our family, friends and neighbors. By eating local meals, you are an immediate and very strong supporter of the Slow Food movement. You are getting to know your food at the most intimate level–as it unfolds into the sunlight, or spreads out into the Earth, or roams the beautiful Pacific Northwest countryside. You experience peak nutrition. You can choose to support farmers whose ethics are aligned with yours, and you can shake their hand in thanks as you receive the bounty of their livelihood. You are passing on true food knowledge to your children, and your children’s children, to ensure their own health and longevity.

Movements need participation in numbers, and what better way to attract new followers to the Slow Food and Locavore movements than to share a delicious local meal with some friends or family members who may not yet be aware of the incredible benefits and superb taste of eating healthy, local foods? Our family has found that you really don’t have to preach the “local food” gospel–the food says it all. “What is in here? It’s so delicious!” “Where can I get these eggs? They look so beautiful.” “This is parsnip?!” “Why do these brussels sprouts taste so much better than the ones I make at home?” Our response to all these questions? “It’s local!”

This summer, I encourage you to open your doors to those who may not always get the chance, or know how, to shop for local foods. Perhaps it is your aging parents or grandparents who are not able to get to the Farmer’s Market, or cook for themselves. Perhaps it is someone who feeds their children via food stamps and doesn’t know how to get local ingredients within their budget. Perhaps it is someone without a vehicle that has trouble getting to local food. Or perhaps it is just someone who is skeptic that local foods are any different than hothouse broccoli from a foreign country. Whoever it is, treat them to a welcoming Sunday Brunch, locavore-style, and let the food speak for itself, while you simply offer them good company and meal that shows you care about their health and happiness.

Here’s a wonderful locavore brunch menu for you to try:

Put the poached egg on the biscuit, top with a little chopped fresh sage, and you have a perfect brunch dish!

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