Mashed Cranberry Beans

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Mashed Cranberry BeansRecently I interviewed Krista Rome, who started the Backyard Beans and Grains Project on some farmland near Everson (see an article about that interview).

I purchased some cranberry beans from Krista to experiment with in my kitchen, and I asked her if she had any cooking tips to offer. When it comes to cooking with beans, Krista recommends keeping it simple. “Also,” she says, “don’t add salt or anything acid until the very end. It stops them from softening.” Continue Reading

Shellout Beans


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Shellout BeansI always enjoy learning to use familiar foods in a new and different way. For years I’ve eaten green beans, but it had never occurred to me to remove the pods and have only the beans inside.

In the fall after most green beans have been harvested, there’s always some left on the vine whose pods have become large and tough. They’re really too tough to eat as usual by steaming them. Continue Reading

Marinated Bean Salad

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Marinated Bean SaladAt my local Farmers Market last weekend, Nettles Farm (Lummi Island) had three varieties of beans available–green beans, wax beans, and my favorite Dragon’s Tongue beans. Wax beans are like green beans, but the pod is a pale yellow color.  Dragon’s Tongue beans have yellow-green pods with dark maroon patches all over (see a few beside the bowl in the photo on this page). They’re quite lovely! Continue Reading