Hot Cider Toddy Recipe

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Hot Apple Cider ToddyThis recipe is inspired by fresh apple cider from BelleWood Acres. However, it also includes a beverage experiment I tried several years ago.

I was living in a cabin with a huge walnut tree just outside the door. Every year, I’d watch for the walnuts to ripen, but every year I’d awaken one morning to the sound of blue jays. That was the day the walnuts would all be gone. The jays were faster than me when the walnuts were ripe.

One year I read about an Italian liqueur called nocino, which is made from green walnuts steeped in vodka for a couple of months, sometimes with added herbs and spices. At last! I’d found a way to enjoy at least some of the walnuts before the jays ate them.

At first, the nocino I made tasted bitter, but everything I read said the flavor would get better with age (as in years). It did.  Continue Reading

2013 Ciderfest at BelleWood Acres

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BelleWood Acres Apple on TreeI’d been looking forward to the annual BelleWood Acres Ciderfest for weeks, and I finally got there on Sunday afternoon. When I came in the door I was enveloped in the sweet, fruity smell of fresh apples and the lively sounds of the fiddle and guitar combo of the Gallus Brothers.

I got there just in time for a late lunch, so I made my way through the crowd to the Bistro area. Fresh cider, hard cider, cider cocktails–the beverage menu options seemed endless. It was clear that the heart of this event was an apple orchard farm.  Continue Reading

BelleWood Acres Opens New Store–and Distillery!

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BelleWood Acres Apple on TreeFor years BelleWood Acres has had their farm store in the heart of their apple orchards. As the farm developed, the store began to feel cramped, and owners Dorie and John Belisle wanted to move their retail sales away from their wholesale operation, with its busy trucks, forklifts–you get the picture. on the other side of their farm at 6140 Guide Meridian near Lynden. Continue Reading

Apple Brown Betty

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Apple Brown BettyAfter tasting honeycrisp apples grown at BelleWood Acres, I wanted to prepare them in a dessert that would change the flavor as little as possible. Many fruit desserts have so much added sugar and spices that it’s hard to enjoy the basic apple taste. Continue Reading

BelleWood Acres Tour


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BelleWood Acres AppleCrisp fall morning air and bright sunshine set the tone for a delightful visit to BelleWood Acres. Accompanied by several Whatcom Locavore blog readers, we met farmer Dorie Belisle for a guided tour just as her farm store was opening.

Dorie and John Belisle own 62 acres of former dairy land near Lynden, half of which is planted in apple orchards. Their 25,000 trees produce 1.4 million pounds of fruit every year. Continue Reading

Tour BelleWood Acres


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Apples!You’re all invited for a local (short) road trip!

Dorie Belisle of BelleWood Acres farm near Lynden has invited Whatcom Locavore to tour the farm next Sunday, October 17, and she suggested we invite our readers to come along! Here’s Dorie’s description of what we’ll do during the visit:

“You would learn how our apples are grown, packed and processed. We would taste several of the value added products we make including our Cider, Syrup, and Vinegar, our home ground peanut butter, dehydrated apple chips, and of course our pies, pastries and cookies.”

For a preview of what you’ll see, check out the farm’s website. The farm store is also open on Sundays, so you’ll have an opportunity to do a little local shopping after the tour, if you like.

We’ll be meeting at BelleWood Acres on Sunday, October 17 at 10a.m. in front of the farm store. There is no charge for the tour. Here are the directions from Dorie:

“We are just 6 miles north on the Guide [Meridian]. Turn right at the first round about which is Ten Mile Road. We are a quarter mile down on the right. You will see the apple on the barn roof.”

Here’s a Google map showing the farm’s location at 231 Ten Mile Road near Lynden.

Hope you’ll join us! It should be a lot of fun!