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Photo of Bellingham HeraldIt’s official. Tomorrow (April 1, 2014) my last Whatcom Locavore column will be published in the Bellingham Herald. (No, this is not an April Fool’s Day joke.) It’s just two weeks short of being exactly four years since I started writing weekly articles for them.

Every week I wrote an article, created and tested an original recipe, and my daughter Joan took a beautiful photo to show Herald readers what local food was all about. It’s been an interesting ride, and the Herald has been a wonderful venue for spreading the word about eating local in Whatcom County. Continue Reading

Weekly Whatcom Locavore Column in Bellingham Herald


Category : Whatcom Locavore Basics

Photo of Bellingham HeraldThe contract is signed and it’s official! The Bellingham Herald will be publishing a weekly Whatcom Locavore column starting Tuesday, May 4! Just as on this blog, I’ll be doing the writing and the articles will each include one of Joan’s photos.

Weekly columns will feature a seasonal ingredient, a farm or food producer, or other timely information about eating locally, along with one of the weekly recipes from this blog and a mouthwatering photo of the dish. The Herald will publish the column both in the newspaper and their online website. They asked for a one year commitment.

Hopefully this will help spread the word that local eating can be fun, easy, healthy and delicious. Please help spread the word, and let me know if there’s a topic you’d like to see featured.

Note: First column available at Bellingham Herald online: