Bunless Bison Burgers

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Photo of Bunless Bison BurgerTwisted S Bison Ranch near Ferndale produces an extensive line of bison meat products, from ground bison to steaks to roasts to gourmet sausages. Bison is much leaner than beef, and what fat there is can be found mostly on the outside edges of the meat instead of marbled throughout the meat. Consequently, bison cooks more quickly than beef. Experts recommend cooking “low and slow”–lower temperature and slower cooking times–for more control of doneness. Also, aiming for “rare” or “medium” doneness is better than “well” done, which may toughen the bison meat. Bison is easily overcooked.

Bison has a marvelously subtle “wild” flavor without tasting gamy, so season it mildly. The raw meat is darker red than beef due to the lower fat content. Covering the pan as it cooks can help preserve moisture in the meat. Continue Reading

Have You Tried Bison?

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Photo of Have You Tried Bison MenuEvery weekday, when returning from Bellingham after dropping my daughter off at work, I see a small sign along Slater Road advertising bison meat. I’ve been curious to learn more, and even detoured a couple of times to find the farm–Twisted S Bison Ranch (near Ferndale)–which looks beautiful. They are only open to the public on weekends, though, so I haven’t yet stopped by to visit.

Last week I went to Terra Organica (Flora and Cornwall in Bellingham) to see what locally produced foods they had available. Imagine my delight to see a full range of bison products from Twisted S in their freezers!

Local bison is available only occasionally. Twisted S raises as much as they can, but bison take a lot of grass acreage and family farms in our area are not large enough to supply all the demand for bison in Whatcom County. Most of the year, Twisted S brings in frozen bison from North Dakota. The quality of everything¬† they sell under their brand is consistently excellent, but if you care about getting locally raised bison (and I hope you do), you’ll need to call ahead and find out when it will be available. Continue Reading