Smoky Drop Biscuits

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Smoky Drop BiscuitsWarm biscuits fresh out of the oven and dripping with melting butter–what a luxurious way to start a Sunday brunch!

Biscuits are quick and easy to make if you get the ingredients in the right proportions. Stir everything together, drop on a baking sheet, and bake for less than 15 minutes. It’s a perfect last minute option. Continue Reading

Down Home Biscuits

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Down Home BiscuitsCooking is an essential part of eating as a locavore (a person who eats only locally grown foods as much as possible). Fortunately, flavorful local ingredients only require simple cooking methods. Continue Reading

Herbed Trefoil Biscuits

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Herbed Trefoil BiscuitsHerbed biscuits are not hard to make. Start with a basic biscuit recipe, such as my Baking Powder Biscuits, stir some fresh chopped herbs into the batter, and voila!

Sometimes, though, you want a fancier appearance for your biscuits. It only takes a little extra time to step the look up a notch. Continue Reading

Locavore Baking

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Locavore BakingBaking using only local ingredients presents some difficult problems. First of all, there’s the grain used to make flour. No wheat is grown commercially in Whatcom County that I know of. We’re fortunate, though, to have a flour mill based in the Fairhaven district of Bellingham. They try to get grains from as close to home as possible, and they grind them here in the County. That’s local enough for me, at least until someone figures out how to grow wheat in this climate reliably. Continue Reading

Quick Pizza Crust

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Quick Pizza CrustPizza is a go-to food when time is short. For homemade pizza to be a serious contender for dinner, I had to find a dough that was fast–and I mean really fast–and easy to make.

This recipe fills the bill beautifully. It’s yeasted, but you don’t have to wait for it to rise. You don’t have to knead it. You don’t have to toss it in the air. Continue Reading

Grilled Cheese With Basil Sandwich

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Grilled Cheese With Basil SandwichI enjoy starting with a classic, ordinary recipe and making it local and special. This week I was in the mood to bake bread, so I decided to attempt an improved, locavore grilled cheese sandwich.

I knew just the cheese to make it special–Appel Farms’ Sweet Red Pepper Gouda. Homemade bread, artisan cheese, spread fresh basil leaves over it, and voila! I could almost taste it just thinking about it! Continue Reading

Herbed Meatballs

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Herbed MeatballsStart with a simple recipe, add a few pungent local herbs, and you have a whole new gustatory experience. Let me show you what we can do with pasta and meatballs.

I started with some Lummi Island grown, grassfed beef. I grated some dried homemade bread (made with bread flour from Fairhaven Organic Flour Mill, and other local ingredients) to make some bread crumbs. Then I walked out into the garden and snipped some fresh thyme and rosemary leaves. I had some aged gouda cheese from a recent visit to Appel Farms Cheese Shoppe, and some green garlic grown at Broadleaf Farm that I had purchased earlier from Terra Organica. Add a little salt and the meatball ingredients are complete. Continue Reading

Quick Brioche

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Photo of Quick BriocheBrioche. Sounds like something gourmet that would take hours to prepare, right? And it tastes like it, too. In reality, you can make a loaf of brioche in less than two hours–and most of that is rising time and baking time, during which you can read a magazine.

As far as I know, no one grows grains commercially in Whatcom County. It’s not the ideal climate. However, Fairhaven Organic Flour Mill (Bellingham) uses regional grains from as close to home as possible. They grind organic flour freshly each week, and they make a hard red spring wheat flour especially for use in bread making. The texture, fragrance, and flavor are delightful. Continue Reading

Savory Stuffed French Toast

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Photo of Savory Stuffed French ToastThe savory flavor of herbed yogurt cheese (a good alternative to non-local cream cheese) makes a nice change from the usual sweet and sugary form of French toast.  The eggs in the toast blend well with tangy cheese and herb flavors. The result is a hearty dish suitable for any meal of the day.

While I started with a homemade Quick Brioche for the bread, you could use any locally made bread you like. You could also adapt any of your favorite bread recipes to use local ingredients. Continue Reading

Special Breakfast for Special Days

Category : May, Seasonal Menu Ideas

Photo of Special Breakfast MenuPeople sometimes think that by limiting themselves to food produced locally, locavores are also limiting themselves to plain, simple, boring dishes. Nothing could be farther from the truth. While farm fresh local food often has so much natural flavor that little needs to be done to make it delectable, you can also get as fancy as you like with the same ingredients.

This week’s menu includes Savory Stuffed French Toast, a perfect dish for making any breakfast extra special. I prepared it on Mother’s Day recently, and it’s also suitable for birthdays, brunches, or for overnight guests. Continue Reading

Blue Cornbread

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Photo of Blue CornbreadLast week’s menu introduced Fairhaven Organic Flour Mill (Bellingham) and the fresh grain flours they grind weekly. This week I wanted to try some of their blue cornmeal. Blue corn has more protein and lysine than yellow corn, which is high in beta carotene. The blue color is a nice change, too. Other than that, you can cook with blue cornmeal just the same as you would with yellow or white.

Really fresh cornmeal has an extra bit of crunch to it that gives cornbread a nice texture.  Some local butter and honey on the fresh warm cornbread is simply out of this world! These are flavors to savor slowly. Continue Reading

Other Food Producers

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Foods produced by the following sources have been used in our recipes. Some do not use only ingredients from Whatcom County, but they make their products here. Also, while you may be able to buy directly from these producers, their products are often available at grocery stores or other retail outlets. Continue Reading