Spinach and Beef Frittata


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Photo of Spinach and Beef FrittataA frittata is basically an omelette, except the filling ingredients are mixed in throughout the eggs instead of layered separately as a filling. Fresh organic local eggs have a color, taste, and texture that will amaze you if you’re used to eating farm factory eggs.

Frittatas are a good way to use up whatever meat or vegetables you have in the refrigerator. You can use the same basic recipe for frittatas with chicken, sausage, beans, tomotoes–you name it. Vary the herbs to match, and add some cheese, if you like. It’s that simple! Continue Reading

Spring Cleanse Menu

Category : February, Seasonal Menu Ideas

Photo of plated Spring Cleanse MenuCurrants, plums and forsythias are beginning to bloom, crocuses sprouted several weeks ago, and the gardeners among us ¬†are wearing dirt under their fingernails and big smiles. Spring is definitely coming, if not already here, and it’s time to think about spring cleaning, both inside and out. Stay with me for a minute and I’ll show how that’s related to this week’s menu. Continue Reading