Early Spring Après Gardening Menu

Category : March, Seasonal Menu Ideas

Photo of Early Spring Apres Gardening MenuEarly spring in Whatcom County is when gardening begins in earnest. Soil needs to be fed and loosened, beds are spruced up, seeds are started indoors, and plant and seed trading picks up momentum. The first sunny days when you can actually feel the warmth draw us outside to get our hands dirty, but the weather can be a bit dicey. A garden project that starts on a warm morning can end in a cool–even rainy–late afternoon. When I’m tired and muddy, cooking dinner is the last thing I want to do.

Today I headed for the garden with a smug feeling knowing that dinner would be ready and waiting for me at the end of the day. When I entered the house a few hours later, it was filled with the smells of a hearty warm entrée. I roasted some potato wedges, mixed a dressing I’d made earlier in the day with some tasty salad greens and beautiful Easter Egg radishes, and voilà! A warm, tasty dinner after a chilly day of gardening. Continue Reading