Broccoli-Potato Pudding

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Broccoli-Potato PuddingFall is a perfect time for one-pot meals.  Hardier fresh summer vegetables are still available, such as broccoli, kale, etc., and fall root vegetables and squash are ready for harvest.

While this recipe may seem unassuming and ordinary, don’t be fooled. It is actually a surprisingly rich and flavorful meal, especially when made with fresh, perfectly ripe local vegetables. Even better, it meets all my criteria for one-pot perfection–hearty, scales up easily so leftovers can be frozen, leftovers taste as good or better than the original batch, dish contains ingredients from several major food groups, simple to fix, and tastes good. Continue Reading

Planning One-pot Meals

Category : October, Seasonal Menu Ideas

One-pot Meal MenuTemperatures are cooler, the smell of fallen leaves is in the air, and daylight hours are getting shorter. I confess–I love all of it! Fall is a time when locavore cooks (people who use only ingredients grown locally) begin to use the sturdier, late summer varieties and root vegetables as their central ingredients.

Root vegetables make a good foundation for one-pot meals. Their earthy taste combines well with other ingredients. Mix everything together, put them in the oven or a slow-cooker, and walk away. Come back later to wonderful aromas and hearty flavors. Continue Reading