Pasta With Mushroom Sauce

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Pasta With Mushroom SauceThanks to the Northwest Mushroomers Association (NMA) Show in Bellingham (see photos I took), I was able to connect with Cascadia Mushrooms and purchase a beautiful assortment of locally grown mushrooms. Many of them also grow wild in our area, and I’d encourage you to contact NMA if you are interested in learning how to identify the edible varieties. Continue Reading

Locavore Basil Pesto

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Locavore Basil PestoHere’s the challenge which was the starting point for this basil pesto recipe:

Fresh basil is abundantly available right now, and I love basil pesto on pasta. But how do I make basil pesto without olive oil, which is not produced locally? Continue Reading

Cloud Mountain Farm


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Cloud Mountain FarmAnyone who lives in Whatcom County has probably eaten some food produced by the dedicated people at Cloud Mountain Farm near Everson. Have you eaten at Nimbus, Prospect Street Cafe, or Boundary Bay? Enjoyed some of the exotic fruit flavors in Mallard’s ice cream? Some of the ingredients you ate were almost certainly grown at Cloud Mountain Farm. Continue Reading

Herbed Meatballs

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Herbed MeatballsStart with a simple recipe, add a few pungent local herbs, and you have a whole new gustatory experience. Let me show you what we can do with pasta and meatballs.

I started with some Lummi Island grown, grassfed beef. I grated some dried homemade bread (made with bread flour from Fairhaven Organic Flour Mill, and other local ingredients) to make some bread crumbs. Then I walked out into the garden and snipped some fresh thyme and rosemary leaves. I had some aged gouda cheese from a recent visit to Appel Farms Cheese Shoppe, and some green garlic grown at Broadleaf Farm that I had purchased earlier from Terra Organica. Add a little salt and the meatball ingredients are complete. Continue Reading

Lemon Pepper Linguine with Cream Cheese Sauce

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Photo of Linguine with Cream Cheese SauceI was delighted to find several fresh pasta flavors offered by Bellingham Pasta Company recently. I used to buy pasta made by Nettles Farm on Lummi Island, but that hasn’t been available for quite awhile.

Since no grain is grown commercially in Whatcom County (as far as I know), pasta is a transitional food here. Some grain farming is being developed in Skagit County, but not yet locally. I use the term transitional foods to mean foods locally produced using at least some ingredients from outside of Whatcom County. Continue Reading

Pasta and Cucumber Salad Menu

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Photo of Pasta and Cucumber Salad MenuHot new finds in the local foods department this week were beautiful fresh English cucumbers and fresh pasta made in Bellingham. I found both in Terra Organica at the Public Market on the corner of Flora and Cornwall in Bellingham.

The English cucumbers were so green and beautiful that I asked the produce person to make sure that these were in fact locally grown. She smiled and said indeed they were, grown in the greenhouse of Dominion Organics in Ferndale. She also pointed out that the individual wrappers around the cucumbers were biodegradable. Continue Reading