Locavore Pizza

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Locavore PizzaOf all the recipes I’ve created so far with local ingredients, this pizza is my all-time favorite. It’s so fast to prepare you won’t believe it, especially if you prepare the pesto a day or two in advance. You don’t even have to let the crust dough rise. Most importantly, the flavor was extraordinary! I’m not exaggerating. Continue Reading

Shopping Farmers Markets

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Farmers MarketPizza was on my mind as I drove to the Lummi Island Farmers Market last Saturday morning. To make a pizza, I need four things–crust dough, a sauce for the base, toppings, and cheese to melt over it all.

I’d found an unbelievably quick pizza dough recipe I could adapt with local ingredients. For the sauce, I hoped to find some early season tomatoes at the Market, but I knew that was being wishful. Plan B was some leftover Locavore Basil Pesto sauce, that I felt sure would make a good base sauce if I didn’t find enough tomatoes. I also knew I could get some Ferndale cheese later that afternoon when the Artisan Wine Gallery opened for Saturday tastings. Continue Reading