Spring Salad With Pears and Goat Cheese

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Spring Salad With Pears and Goat CheeseSpring is a time when I begin to crave salads. In the winter, few (if any) fresh locally grown greens are available, so when early spring greens become available it’s an exciting time for locavore dining!

This salad is a combination of freshly harvested foods and ingredients preserved from last year’s harvest. It showcases the tastes of this transitional time of year. Continue Reading

Yogurt Cucumber Dill Dressing

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Yogurt Cucumber Dill DressingFast and flavorful, this dill salad dressing combines well with nearly any salad ingredients. It’s smooth enough to go with spicier ones such as arugula, mesclun salad mixes, etc., but also adds enough flavor to perk up blander ingredients, such as hard-boiled eggs or plain lettuce.

Since no salad oil is produced here in Whatcom County that I know of, I’m constantly looking for alternatives for dressing bases. The tangy taste of yogurt is light enough to go with most greens, and also combines well with many herbs.  You can achieve a rich variety of flavors by blending yogurt with such fresh local herbs as lemon balm, sorrel, basil, dill and more. Don’t forget the garlic! Continue Reading

Spring Salad Menu

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Spring Salad MenuIt’s that wonderful time of the year for putting together spring salads with enough variety to make a meal unto themselves! Gardens and farms are currently harvesting a cornucopia of lettuces, mixed salad greens and other salad vegetables. Continue Reading