Roasted Beets with Shallots


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Roasted Beets with ShallotsBeets and other large root vegetables (potatoes, carrots, etc.) especially lend themselves to being roasted in the oven or on a grill. Once roasted, they can be eaten as is or used in other recipes.

This recipe will produce perfectly roasted beets every time.  It also couldn’t be easier. Just wrap the ingredients in foil, put them in the oven, and walk away until they’re done. Continue Reading

Sauteed Red Cabbage


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Sauteed Red CabbageMy daughter’s employer is a farmer at heart, and was able to make time to grow a vegetable garden this year. He recently had more red cabbage than he could use, so passed some along to us. Continue Reading

Rainy Day Crockpot Beef Stew

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Photo of Rainy Day Crockpot Beef Stew One of the special delights of eating local food is trying new ingredients or using familiar foods in new combinations.  I haven’t cooked much with sunchokes, also called Jerusalem artichokes. I tried using them in a cottage pie recently, and was delighted with the flavor. This time I tried using them in a hearty beef stew.

The flavor of sunchokes is distinctive, slightly sweet, and fairly strong. It blends better with other flavors if the sunchokes are cut into small pieces. For this stew I recommend a quarter-inch dice.

This is a variation of a traditional beef stew that uses a lot of mushrooms and a thick wine sauce. Locally raised stew beef cooks up tender and tasty. Continue Reading