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Photo of Sugar, Salt and Pepper - Not Available LocallySome common ingredients are not produced locally. If you can’t find it, make it, find a satisfactory substitute, or simply live without it, what’s a conscientious locavore to do?

A very basic example is salt and pepper. Neither salt nor black pepper is produced in Whatcom County. Continue Reading

Dressed Up Breakfast Menu

Category : March, Seasonal Menu Ideas, Vegetarian

Photo of Dressed Up Breakfast MenuEggs and hash brown potatoes are a classic American breakfast combination. For this week’s menu I wanted to offer a little bit fancier version of the standard–and delicious!–breakfast fare.

In earlier articles I talked about sources for local eggs, potatoes, and cheese. The new ingredient this time is creamy Golden Guernsey Yogurt from Grace Harbor Farms made from non-pasteurized whole milk. I also used some raspberries from last summer that have been waiting for just this moment in my freezer.

This menu also requires a note about salt and black pepper, neither of which are produced in Whatcom County. It would be possible to create salt by dehydrating seawater. Evaporation would take forever in our humid climate. Boiling off the liquid would take many hours, perhaps even days–not exactly an efficient use of energy. Peppercorns, as far as I know, can’t be grown in our climate at all. Continue Reading