Locavore Eating–Why Bother?


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Locavore Eating--Why Bother?Let’s be honest. There are some downsides to trying to eat as a “locavore” (a person who eats locally grown foods as much as possible), even here in Whatcom County.

First of all, it’s not usually “one stop shopping.” There’s some extra time involved going to farm stores, Terra Organica, one of the the Community Food Co-op locations, or the Farmer’s Market–sometimes all of the above. Continue Reading

Frozen French Fries

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Frozen French FriesPotatoes are one of my favorite foods to substitute for commercially prepared convenience versions, especially for health reasons. For example, commercially frozen french fries typically contain all kinds of unhealthy trans-fats and preservatives. By spending just a little time in the fall, I can have delicious–and healthy–frozen french fries throughout the winter. When I take them from the freezer to fix for dinner, I cook them exactly the same way as the commercial variety. In other words, it’s just as convenient. Continue Reading

Broccoli-Potato Pudding

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Broccoli-Potato PuddingFall is a perfect time for one-pot meals.  Hardier fresh summer vegetables are still available, such as broccoli, kale, etc., and fall root vegetables and squash are ready for harvest.

While this recipe may seem unassuming and ordinary, don’t be fooled. It is actually a surprisingly rich and flavorful meal, especially when made with fresh, perfectly ripe local vegetables. Even better, it meets all my criteria for one-pot perfection–hearty, scales up easily so leftovers can be frozen, leftovers taste as good or better than the original batch, dish contains ingredients from several major food groups, simple to fix, and tastes good. Continue Reading


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SuccotashSuccotash, a combination of corn and beans, was something I didn’t like much as a child. Probably that was because what we ate was a commercially canned variety with chalky lima beans, mushy carrots, and overcooked corn.

When I started cooking for myself and moved to an area where fresh food was easier to obtain, I quickly found that it was worth revisiting some of those childhood food dislikes. Succotash was a happy rediscovery. Continue Reading

Freezing the Harvest

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Freezing the HarvestFall has arrived. U-pick farms are starting to shut down their operations, some farmers markets have shut down for the year, and home gardeners are preparing their gardens for winter.

Now is a good time to get late summer produce at good quantity prices. It’s also time for locavores (people who eat locally grown food) to lay in food supplies for the winter. A well-stocked pantry and freezer can add a lot of variety to local winter eating. Continue Reading