Whatcom Locavore Featured by KPLU Radio Blog

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Whatcom Locavore Author Nancy GingWhatcom Locavore’s author Nancy Ging was interviewed for an article by Seattle KPLU Radio editor Jake Ellison today. The article is titled “Do You Have a Locavore Coming to Dinner?” You can read it here:

Do You Have a ‘Locavore’ Coming to Dinner?

I thought Jake came up with an interesting angle. People sometimes worry about having vegetarians or vegans to dinner. If they’re worrying now about locavores, it suggests the local eating trend is catching on!

Personally, eating local foods is a decision I’ve made for myself, but I would never impose that viewpoint on friends cooking for me in their own homes. If people want to cook a local meal, of course, that’s wonderful!

Note: I especially enjoyed the video of “The Locavore Song” in the article.

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